In Company Intermediate SB - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. In Company - Intermediate Level - Student's book. In Company has established itself as the English course for professionals because . In Company Intermediate - Unit 3 - Student's; In Company Upper. Archive of worksheets from In Company for Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels. These are great resources that we've saved from the.

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Macmillan In Company Download for free All Edition - Скачать бесплатно учебник формат (format): PDF, Mp3, ISO. Описание: In In Company 2ed Intermediate Class Audio Cds · In Company 2ed Intermediate Teacher's Resources. They say T.E.A.M. stands for 'together everyone achieves more', but we've all worked in teams where the reality was very different! Certainly, when 'the whole is. both the company and the employee. Judith Doyle. Do you think it's important for employees to have communal areas where they can share information and.

Grammar in introduced in a practical business context and is now incorporated into the relevant unit along with the Workbook sections. In Company Second Edition is also supported by a Macmillan Practice Online course with over interactive language practice activities. Still using the original edition? Looking for resources? This page will take you to the In Company Original Edition. Still not convinced?

Check out what other teachers have to say about In Company. Big Business. Small Talk. Technological World. Being heard. Snail Mail. Solving Problems. Global Village. Eating Out. Clarke Simon. Macmillan pages course. It offers you: MacMillan, In Company Intermediate Second Edition. Our headquarters are in Prague.

That's where My role I work. At the moment, though to sales and promotion. I'm T.

Ask and answer questions to complete the table below. Use the phrases in 5 to help you. Do you ever go on training courses?

What kind of courses have you attended? Do you think they are useful? Networking noun. I unmlmi ln , Work the Net has become an essential mrmurcn for anyone looking Connections The business world is all about connections and, llmnkn In an ever-growing database of high-profile uomrmnloa and recruiters, Work the Net can help you make Ilia llrat contact with your ideal employer. Work lho Not nlno collaborates with plnllormn. Work with a partner.

Then read the text to see if you are correct. Look at the photo and title below. What is Work the Net? Who do you think uses Work the Net? Jean-Christophe Marchal Paris. Moving forward Work the Net understands the ever-changing nature of the business world, and the importance of developing links with key contacts as your career progresses.

It's time to be proactive and take control of your career, but you don't have to do it alone. Let Work the Net be your guide! Look at his page and answer the questions. Is he married? Who is his current employer? Where does he live? What things does he enjoy doing in his spare time?

Overview Commercial Director responsible for promoting and pitching new online products and services for major public companies in the Paris area. Married el 4 Now ask a partner the same questions. What are your competencies and skills? Do you think these sites are useful for people in business? How might they be useful? What problems do you think there might be with using these sites? Company profile 1 1. The speaker is talking about a company.

Number the figures in the order you hear them. Innocent - I Founders: Domegroncrfesl, Company ethics: Then listen again to check your answers. Consumers like W! You need to continually expand your market share. Your start-up 1 You are going to develop an idea for your own ethical start-up new company.

It can be either serious or humorous. I'm based in. I am responsible for accounts. My iii-pnrtment is -. Jobs 2 Unscramble the letters to form words related to jobs. Then complete the sentences using the words. Prosont Simple IIi. You use the Present Continuous for sitiiatioiis which are changing. Practice 1 Complete the sentences using the verbs in the box in the correct form — Present Simple or Present Continuous.

Use each verb twice. We business with several companies there. B Our boss f He very happy. I of changing his job because he's not very long hours. I He his job is really interesting.

D hotter. I During the week, he in his city Hat and at the weekend he goes to the country. H — routine actions and habits O — ongoing situations you see as stable M — activities happening at the moment of speaking T — activities or situations you see as temporary C — situations which are changing Practice 2 Write questions about the information which is missing. What kind f Their unique selling point is What g My company employs people. How many h The manager of the company is Who I They are talking to about further investment.

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Who Lmirning objectives: Talking about mn - mnlim-: Il llmullllu A: Il1uutwork—life I. The long hours culture is still a problem for many workers in this country, despite the recent growth of part-time jobs. Despite a fall in the number of people working very long hours, b million employees still work more than c hours — around 1 in 8. Excessive working time is linked with the development of health problems like heart disease, diabetes, stress and depression.

It can also lead to poor performance and absenteeism, and takes time away from things like training and education, which are necessary for economic success. Then discuss the questions with a partner.

Do you think this situation will change in the future? What time does Sally McDermott start work in the morning? How long does she take off for lunch? Why does she prefer to call people rather than send an email? How often does she have to work at the weekend? Sally McDermott is the international operations manager of a major telecoms company, with operations in most of Europe and Latin America. Her career has included periods of work in Portugal, Paris and London.

She speaks Spanish, French and Russian, as well as English. The secret is that I don't need much sleep! Five hours is enough, so by 5. Then I have breakfast at 8 am, together with my husband, Derek, and my year-old daughter. I go to work in a taxi which picks me up at 8. On the way to work I look through the daily papers. It normally takes us about 20 minutes to get to the office. When I arrive my secretary joins me and we go through any correspondence and plan the day. I make decisions about appointments and organize meetings.

I drink a lot of coffee and mineral water. I usually have just a sandwich for lunch, or sometimes something in a nearby restaurant, but I am never out for more than an hour. Even if I'm in the office, I prefer to use my smartphone. I hardly ever send text messages except to my daughter — It's just too time-consuming. I like to pick Katie up from school when I can, but most days I work until at least 8 pm. Weekends are reserved for my family. I don't often have to work, but sometimes something comes up which I just can't avoid.

You may need to change the verb form. I have a holiday. I feel bored with my job.

In Company Intermediate SB

My boss leaves work before me. W, My computer crashes. I have arguments with people at work. Action You Your partner. Listen to their conversation and answer the questions. Listen again to check your answers. We don't see her at home much. Quite a lot! It seems to. At least a couple of trips a month. Not every weekend, but we can never make plans. Three weeks a year. Ask questions like the ones you wrote in 2 to complete your chart. Speaker A: Look at the chart on page Speaker B: Taking things easy 1 Do you take regular exercise?

Work with a partner and complete the questionnaire below. Professor Peter Axt recommends avoiding strenuous activity like aerobics or working out in a gym.

They are also less likely to suffer from professional stress. On the other hand, any exertion is not recommended, especially for middle-aged people who should be particularly careful about doing too much sport. Professor Axt believes we have only a limited amount of energy, and people who use up their supply more quickly live shorter lives. Just enjoy lazing around.

However, Professor Axt stresses that laziness is only one of the keys to a longer life. In fact, the subtitle of his book is How best to use your energies. He argues that if you are too fat, you need more energy to Underline two expressions in the article which mean to relax or to rest. Choose the best title for the article. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy Health risks for the over 50s Siesta or marathon? Which ones? What do you do to relax? Do you do more or less exercise than you would like to?

Do you do more or less exercise than you think is good for you? I hardly ever send text messages. She sometimes has to work at the weekends. It involves long hours. It means a lot of travelling. Ii lvl-nr llI. IIl four million employees more than 48 hours a week. II II me an to get to work.

Ill lw sixteen hours a 2 Mai. II lulw. Why do you ask? A He e say that exercise is bad for you exactly, but that if you do too much, you use up all your energy. B That f make sense. Sport is good for you and makes you feel better. A Yes, but according to him people who run a lot and play squash g usually live to an old age. B Well, I h. He probably just i T. Phrasal verbs 4 Combine a verb from box A with a preposition from box B to complete each sentence below.

I like to at the gym before I go home.

She sometimes go es out for lunch. You not usually am. I le not often lure.

You ' d. Practice 1 Reorganize the words to make correct sentences. I you your do use much laptop? On foot? Because he has to? Every week?

A friend? Having meetings? Half an hour? Because you need the money? It You have one message from at If you know the answer, phone us now on No, I'm afraid you've got the wrong number. Could you say that again more slowly? Who gets the most correct? Polite questions 1 3 1.

The dialogue includes the questions a—c below, but in a more polite form.

IN COMPANY Intermediate Student 39 S Book

Listen to the conversation and write down the actual questions you hear. Do you? Could you?

Use polite questions. Then rephrase the questions to make them polite using Do you know. Look at page Read the information below and follow the instructions. You are travelling on business in the UK- When you finish there. Discuss with a partner. With a partner, decide which of the problems in 1 are the five most frustrating. Then look on page to compare your answers with the results of a survey. Are there any other things that frustrate you when using the telephone?

Work with a partner and answer the questions. With the growth of the Internet, email and text messaging, how important is the telephone in business these days?

What skills do staff who answer the phone need to have? Does bad telephone customer service have an impact on the success of a business?

Now read the article. According to the author, what are the answers to the questions in 3? Good customer service can give a company a competitive edge, while ineffective telephone behaviour can cost millions in lost sales opportunities.

Apart from a positive attitude, whatever business you are in, staffdealing with phone enquiries need training in a number ofessential skills. These include transferring a call, placing a call on hold, dealing with angry callers, responding to enquiries about correspondence, using a callerls name and taking messages correctly.

Customers want a prompt response from a real person not a machine who is friendly, helpful and can make a decision. Identify which skill listed in ' paragraph 2 of Effective Phone Communication is being used.

B I'm afraid the line. Will you hold? You need 50 units by Friday, and Mr Johansson can contact you on B Yes, that's correct. I'll as soon as he's free. B Yes, Mr Wright.In Company Elementary - Scope and Sequence. Write his email using the prompts below. In the same year the Net went international. Submit Search. Company profile 1 1. It is page faithful to the Student's Book and includes embedded video and audio, plus interactive practice to provide a rich user experience.

On the way to work I look through the daily papers. Yes, two boys aged seven and ten.