Chassis engineering: chassis design building & tuning. for high performance handling / by Herb Adams. Interior photos & illustrations: Herb Adams & Michael Lutfy. Chassis: Engineering Principles to include a large number of technical innova- The authors' many years of experience in chassis engineering support the. Automotive. Engineering. Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body. Edited by David A. Crolla. Amsterdam $ Boston $ Heidelberg $ London $ New York $.

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Chassis Engineering Inc.. Avenue R, Riviera Beach FL Tech / Info ( ) Order Toll Free () suspension will not come in. until the job is completed. Any flat surface, such as a garage floor is OK as long as it is flat and level. If you have access to a lift where the car can remain for the. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Automotive Chassis Engineering | Written for students and practicing engineers working in automotive engineering, this book.

Just as in the case of engine tuning, where very small changes can have a dramatic effect on horsepower output, very slight changes in the suspension of your car can have significant effects on your handling. Even a one-degree change in camber can have a measurable effect on performance, so a high degree of precision is required to set-up a suspension properly.

If the tire operates best at 40 psi, increasing the pressure to 50 psi could actually reduce its performance. Every suspension adjustment and setting has an optimum value. We know that more valve timing in an engine can increase power up to a certain point and then further increases will lose power.

The same concept is true in suspension tuning.

This application of engineering to the automobile chassis is a very specialized field of study, so it is not widely practiced. The information contained in this book was accumulated over many years, the result of numerous contributions by top engineers and racers.

To help explain the handling concepts, I have organized this book using the "building block" approach. The first chapters present the most basic concepts.

The later chapters use these basic concepts to explain the more complicated relationships and solve common problems. The study of chassis engineering is complex and can be difficult to grasp.


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Search for books, journals or webpages Under most driving conditions, rubber bushings are the best choice.

If a tire is tilted out at the top, it has positive camber. The first step in eliminating erratic handling is to reduce deflection in the control arm bushings Figure Example Two For this example, the car specifications are the same as Example 1, except that instead of having lbs. With a computer, we can design for zero bump steer or any amount in either di rection.

The Circle of Traction shows that any given tire has only a certain amount of traction.