If a service book is corrupted on the BlackBerry smartphone, email messages might not be sent or received. To correct this, clear the service book database, then. Background. Service books for the BlackBerry Internet Service may need to be sent to the BlackBerry smartphone for one of the following reasons: One of the. Hello guys, i just bought a unlocked Blackberry Tour from 3- Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book in your phone and hold.

Blackberry 9630 Service Book

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I have been reading about the service books, however the download links are gone. Are they outdated? Am I kicking a dead horse here?. This often fixes issues with receiving email and other data connection issues on your BlackBerry (BB). If you re having other issues with your phone or device. It sounds like you need to have your service books resent to your phone. From your Blackberry, go to Options, select Advanced Options.

The problems started when I started using it in India, with little or no help from customer care of mobile operator, who normally don't have any clue on how to configure blackberry handset.

Few of the problems which I faced are mentioned below Host routing table will not have entries in spite sending many successful registration messages.

Service Books will not have entries for Blackberry Internet service.

CC will even try to blame your unlocked phone, stating that it's still locked to previous operator and cannot be activated. The fact is all the above myth told to you by customer care is false.

I knew I had an unlocked phone as I unlocked it myself. So there was no question of phone being still locked to Verizon. Steps to I did to resolve this Even took out battery and placed it back booted the phone again.

Go to Host routing table and press BB menu button and select register now. Complete the following steps to clear the service book database: Task 3 - Restore the service book database.

No browser configuration service book,contact you provider

If the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is configured to interact with the user's BlackBerry Enterprise Server account, the service books can be easily restored by disconnecting the smartphone from the computer, waiting 5 seconds, and then reconnecting the smartphone. If the smartphone is not associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, complete the following steps: If the smartphone is associated with a BlackBerry Internet Service account, see Article for instructions on how to send the service book for the BlackBerry Internet Service.

Toggle navigation. Knowledge Base. How to clear and refresh the service book database if the BlackBerry smartphone is unable to send or receive data.

Article Number: April 25, Last Modified: September 13, Type: Connect the smartphone to the computer. From the Home screen, click Options. If the smartphone is running: BlackBerry Device Software 4.

In the Are You Sure? Click Device. Click Advanced System Settings. Click Service Book.

Task 2 - Clear the service book database Complete the following steps to clear the service book database: Make sure that the smartphone is connected to the computer.It offers 24 hours technical support to answer your downloading problems. Definition Of Computer Software.

Blackberry Pearl Service Books will not have entries for Blackberry Internet service. Few of the problems which I faced are mentioned below For just one payment you will enjoy lifetime unlimited access to iPod downloads and you don't have to worry about monthly bills.

Once it's registered, you can add email accounts on the site that will be automatically synced to your phone in couple of minutes.

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