DISCLAIMER: All the information and instructions in this book are. Basic Woodworking. A unique feature of this set of dollhouse plans is the fact that all three. Dollhouse The 3-in-1 Dollhouse Plan Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete your dollhouse and miniature collection with PLAN. The Houseworks 1 to 1' scale Dollhouse Plan Book: Build 3 Complete House Styles -- Victorian - Colonial - Georgian [Garth Close] on *FREE*.

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Use this list of free dollhouse plans and online sources to build The exterior of a book board box is covered with paper for strength. The 3-in-1 Dollhouse Plan Book - By Garth Close. All three styles of dollhouse plans use the same basic floor plan Shop by Category Builders Corner. Dollhouse Plan Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Manual casa de muñecas.

Formerly the Dollhouse's most popular Doll, she was attacked by Alpha with a pair of scissors, causing extensive facial scarring. Shortly afterward, Alpha killed the actual Dr. Saunders, and Whiskey was imprinted with his personality and skill-set to serve as his replacement before the events of the first episode.

Saunders has trouble adjusting to the realization that she is merely Topher's creation, and objects to being wiped or restored as that would be equivalent to dying. She takes leave of the Dollhouse for some time to find herself.

E Later, she begins a relationship with Boyd and he brings her back to the Dollhouse for the confrontation with Rossum. Boyd is later revealed to be one of Rossum's founders and has been working against the group all along. Saunders shoots Bennett through the forehead in front of Topher, E and she is speculated to have been a sleeper active. Between then and flashfoward episode "Epitaph One", Whiskey is re-imprinted with Dr.

Saunders' personality as well as programmer skills. Later, after a time when her scars have been healed, she is seen having reverted to Whiskey, acting as a guardian for the Dollhouse, pointing people towards Safe Haven.

When the Dollhouse is breached in "Epitaph One", she lets out a toxic gas which incapacitates the intruders and leaves her own fate uncertain. Laurence Dominic Reed Diamond , [15] head of security at the Dollhouse during most of the first season, takes his job very seriously but views the Dolls as more like pets than humans. He attempts to kill Echo, and also suggests she be retired as an Active and put into "the Attic".

E-5 Later, while under the influence of a drug, he attempts to apologize to Echo for his actions. E-9 While in the Attic he becomes a defender of other imprisoned minds against the shadowy killer "Arcane". He and Echo work together when she arrives in the Attic.

E November Miracle Laurie is originally introduced to the series as Mellie, Paul Ballard's neighbor, romantic interest, and confidante, but is in fact a " sleeper " Active.

E-6 Adelle can switch November to a combat-ready personality using verbal codes. E-6 In "Omega", November's original persona and memories are restored and she is released from her contract early with full payment at Ballard's request in exchange for his joining the Dollhouse's staff.

She returns to her life as Madeline Costley.

E After being approached by Senator Daniel Perrin with evidence of the criminal and sexual acts she was made to perform as an Active, she agrees to testify before Congress about the Dollhouse. E Unfortunately, this turns out to be a trap; she is denounced by Perrin himself an Active as a liar with faked evidence "disproving" the existence of the Dollhouse. She is subsequently sent to the less scrupulous Washington D.

1001 Dollhouse Plan Book

Dollhouse where her mind is forcibly erased and she is re-enslaved. E After Paul rescues her, Adelle chooses to reawaken her as Mellie rather than Madeline during the Dollhouse's confrontation with Rossum, due to her devotion to Paul and Madeline's disloyalty. E When Mellie's sleeper state is later activated to kill Paul during an invasion of the Rossum headquarters, she commits suicide to prevent herself from harming Paul.

E Ivy Liza Lapira is Topher's assistant. While highly skilled and seeing herself as Topher's apprentice, Topher treats her more as a gofer , assigning her menial tasks such as fetching him snacks.

Not wanting to see her get hurt in the battle, Topher tells her to leave and not become like him.

Ivy then escapes from the Dollhouse. E Joe Hearn Kevin Kilner is Sierra's handler in the first six episodes, in addition to being the handler of the previous Sierra. Joe Hearn is introduced as a less-dedicated counterpart to Boyd Langton. E-3 He strongly dislikes Echo for her individualism and worries about her influence on Sierra. DeWitt eventually learns that Hearn has raped Sierra in her blank state a number of times, and has him killed by activating November's combat-ready personality while he's on assignment to assassinate "Mellie".

E-6 Dr. He meets Sierra while she is still aspiring artist Priya Tsetsang. As a means of high-profile courtship he downloads one of her paintings and invites her to a party where it is exhibited. She spurns his advances, and in retaliation he drugs her with psychotropic medications to mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia , then turns her over to the Dollhouse.

E When the Dollhouse temporarily restores her original personality, she confronts Kinnard and he gloats that he can have her any time he wants, even making her beg. E-8 He eventually requests that Sierra be sent to him permanently, a demand that Rossum forces DeWitt to obey. A remorseful Topher imprints Sierra with her original personality, and during her confrontation with Kinnard he produces a knife, leading to her stabbing him.

Topher and Boyd dispose of the body. Prior to the events of the series, an accident causes a "composite event" in which 48 personalities are simultaneously imprinted in Alpha, along with all the associated memories and skill sets.

In his escape, he kills or maims several Dolls and Dollhouse staff members including Echo's previous handler but leaves Echo unscathed.

E-2 After his escape from the Dollhouse, Alpha begins to send anonymous packages to Paul Ballard that hint at the existence of the Dollhouse and Echo's former identity. E-1 Alpha reveals himself after posing as an Environmental Systems Consultant involved in the construction of the Los Angeles Dollhouse facility, Stephen Kepler, whom Ballard has tracked down.

He leads Ballard into the Dollhouse, takes control of the security and automated systems, and leaves with Echo. E Though Echo escapes him, he remains at large. E On learning of Echo's full self-actualisation and her romantic attraction to Paul Ballard, he imprints Paul's personality into himself and leaves the real Ballard brain-dead.

E In the series finale, Alpha is shown to have defected to Echo's side. When the wiping technology is to be reversed, Alpha isolates himself from the group in fear that his pre-wiped personality as a serial killer would lead the others to danger. E Daniel Perrin Alexis Denisof , introduced during season two, E is a third-generation United States Senator who was kidnapped by the Rossum Corporation for the purpose of being turned into an Active.

His mind was subsequently heavily altered via fake memories implants regarding his wife really his handler and his personality, turning him from a drunken slacker known for partying, into a serious-minded politician and reformer. Though his conditioning was undone and he escaped along with Echo, it was ultimately restored and, as per Rossum's orders, he "debunks" the Dollhouse myth.


He does not delude himself about Rossum's goals or the Dollhouse's purpose, and sees the Actives as property. E For three months, he becomes the head of the LA Dollhouse while it develops the remote wipe technology for Rossum.

Adelle is able to wrestle power back off of him by showing her supplication to Rossum in handing over the complete remote imprint schematics designed by Topher. Dollhouse's programmer. Even Topher regards her as a genius.

Prior to the events of the series and becoming Echo , Caroline is Bennett's best friend. When Bennett attempts to kill Echo by imprinting Daniel Perrin with an assassin persona, she is thwarted by Topher, who had initially developed an attraction towards her. Between steps, go back and clean up excess glue.

A paint brush in a cup of water may be pinched dry and used to wipe up excess glue. It is also handy for things that can't be taped or nailed while drying. You can use the tacky glue for shingles but you need to be careful that your rows of shingles don't droop or slip.

I never have that problem with Quick Grab.

It also dries clear. If you own a glue gun you can use it hold pieces that are drying. We never recommend the use of hot glue to assemble your kit, always use wood glue. If you absolutely can't live another day without using your hot glue gun, use it sparingly. Just use a little hot glue to hold pieces together while the wood glue dries. Remember that hot-glue is a craft glue and is generally not intended for permanent applications.

Heat and cold will cause it to separate later.

I stopped using it simply because I was sick and tired of burning my fingers every two minutes. We recommend that you try a dry run for each section before final assembly to check parts, to see how the parts locate and to understand the assembly. Then you can comfortably start out again, follow the instruction steps - this time - using glue. We carry a number of different glues for use with wallpaper and floor coverings.

We suggest the Wallpaper Gel. It goes on with a paint brush and cleans up with soap and water. A foam brush works well when applying these glues. Sobo Glue is good for applying floor coverings and is good for wood-to-plastic use. While we carry spray adhesives for some applications, we do not recommend them to in-experienced builders because you can easily ruin wallpaper and carpet if you are not careful. First Aid. If you are going to be using any type of knives, glue guns, or spray adhesives be prepared.

Always use your tools safely and have a proper stand for your glue gun. Read all the instructions, warnings and first aid recommendations on all your tools, glues and paints. If you have children you already know that you can't leave them alone for a minute. If you leave your work be sure to put your tools away. A hobby is supposed to be fun, so enjoy yourself. Just remember that some of the items you will be using can be harmful so be prepared.

Electric Lights. You can add detail and beauty to your dollhouse by installing electric lights. A system designed for use in dollhouses utilizes copper foil on what is essentially a roll of scotch tape. Installing the wiring is as easy as applying the tape where ever you want power. Even if you are not planning on lights right away, we recommend that all customers install the wiring when you are building the house.

But it is substantially cheaper and easier than trying to go back later and add the wiring after the house is put together. One commonly asked question is whether or not to paint any pieces before assembly.


If you want to apply a sealer or primer coat to wood pieces before assembling them that is o. We recommend that you use a flat or semi-gloss paint for use on your dollhouse. If you want to give your house the look of a hard-wood floor but do not want to spend the money for the wood flooring material, simply varnish the floor, but be careful to cover it up before you start painting. Even if you download the smallest budget kit it can still be a work of architectural beauty with just a few dollars and a little patience.

Houseworks "townsend Towers" 1 12 Scale Dollhouse Plan Book

One of the best ways to add detail and beauty to your house is with the use of pre-assembled windows and doors. Not only will it make assembly of the house much easier, but can save you time. If you want a bay window in one room and your kit doesn't come with it, no problem.

Just cut your opening a little bigger and pick up a pre-assembled bay window. We even carry working windows and doors that can be easily installed in your new or existing house. A terrific way to make your house more beautiful is with the use of clapboard siding.

We carry siding in easy to use sheets and they are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Be sure to ask us about siding when you download your house.

Another way to add detail and realism is with the use of wall and floor coverings. For just a few dollars you can install a hard-wood floor, put tile in the bathroom or kitchen, or paneling in the den. You can even place brick on the fireplace, or put stone around the base of your house. All of these materials are sold in easy to use sheets.

They are in-expensive and can add tremendously to the beauty of your home.She becomes romantically and sexually attracted to him, but he abstains from sex with her.

It can be built with or without a ceiling. There are several kinds of glues and adhesives you will need for building and finishing your dollhouse.

He leads Ballard into the Dollhouse, takes control of the security and automated systems, and leaves with Echo. We recommend that you try a dry run for each section before final assembly to check parts, to see how the parts locate and to understand the assembly. E After regaining Caroline's memories, she discovers that Boyd is one of the two founders of the Rossum Corporation and seemingly installed himself in the Dollhouse to become Echo's handler.

He does not delude himself about Rossum's goals or the Dollhouse's purpose, and sees the Actives as property. Prior to the events of the series and becoming Echo , Caroline is Bennett's best friend.

A remorseful Topher imprints Sierra with her original personality, and during her confrontation with Kinnard he produces a knife, leading to her stabbing him. Having learned more about Caroline's potentially murky past, she decides to be her own person.