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A complete switch consists of three parts.

BS 6500-2000 Electric cables.pdf

There is the mechanism itself, a box containing it, and a front plate over it. The box is fixed to the wall, and the cables going to the switch are drawn into the box. After this the cables are connected to the mechanism.

To carry out this operation the electrician must pull the cables away from the wall sufficiently to give himself room to work on the back of the mechanism.

He then pushes the mechanism back into the box and the length of cable that he had to pull out from the wall becomes slack inside the box. It is therefore important that the box is large enough to accommodate a certain amount of slack cable at the back of the mechanism.

Standard boxes for recessing within a wall are 16, 25, 35 and 47mm deep.

Sometimes the wiring is done not in the depth of the structural wall, but within the thickness of the plaster. For use with such wiring, boxes are made 16mm deep plaster depth boxes. It is often necessary to install wiring and accessories exposed on the surface of wall.

For such applications surface boxes are made which are both more robust and neater in appearance than boxes which are to be recessed in walls and made flush with the surface, although they are made to similar depth. Typical boxes of both types are shown in Figure 1. Design of electrical services for buildings 2 Figure 1.

Electric Ltd Rocker operated switches are illustrated in Figure 1. It has a rocker which is pivoted at its centre and which carries a spring-loaded ball. The ball presses on the moving contact and the combination acts like a toggle; the spring always forces the moving contact into one of its two extreme positions.

The switch shuts when the bottom of the rocker is pressed and opens when the top is pressed. The advantages of the rocker switch are that it is easier to operate and that it is almost impossible to hold it half open, even deliberately. The disadvantages are that it is not so easy to see at a glance whether it is on or off and that it is more easily switched from one position to the other by an accidental knock. Accessories 3 Figure 1. A switch must not be put in a circuit which carries a current greater than that which the switch can break.

Most manufacturers make switches in standard capacities, the lower being rated at 5, 6, 15, or 20A and the higher rating of 45A for control of instantaneous shower units. Discharge lights are an inductive load, and the induced voltage surge which occurs when an inductive load is broken must be taken into account in selecting a switch for, Design of electrical services for buildings 4 say, fluorescent lighting. It was for this reason that some of the older switches had to be de-rated when they were used for discharge lights, but switches in current production are suitable for inductive loads up to their nominal rating.

A 5A rating is not as large as one might think at first sight. If ten tungsten lamps of W V each are controlled from one point, the total current to be switched is 4. However, discharge lights require control gear, power losses occur within the control gear.

This must be taken into consideration when calculating the current taken by the discharge lights. Alternatively the manufacturers data should be used which will yield a more economical value.

For lighting schemes in larger buildings such as public buildings, it is often advisable to use switches higher than the lowest ratings. When the switch is cabled and inserted in its box it needs a front plate over it. This is often a loose component with a hole which fits over the dolly or rocker and which is screwed to lugs on the box. Standard boxes always have lugs for that purpose.

A switch with a separate front plate is called a grid switch. Alternatively the switch may be a plate switch, in which case the front plate is made as part of the switch and not as a separate piece.

Both plate and grid switches are illustrated in Figure 1. Grid switches are so called because with this type several mechanisms can be assembled on a special steel grid. This makes it possible for banks of any number of switches to be made up from individual mechanisms. Standard grids and front plates are available for almost any combination which may be required, and special boxes to take these assemblies are also available. The standard switch boxes described so far are intended either to be fixed on a wall or to be recessed in it.

Narrow boxes and switches are also made which can be recessed within the width of the architrave of a door. These are known as architrave switches.

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The grid switch shown in Figure 1. Another type of switch is made which has no protruding lever or rocker, but is operated by a key which has to be inserted into the switch. This type of switch is very useful for schools and the public areas of blocks of flats. The caretaker has a key with which he can operate the lights but unauthorized persons cannot turn lights on or off. They are useful for simulating power failure on emergency lighting luminaires.

Safety regulations often make it impossible to use ordinary switches in certain zones in bathrooms. For such situations ceiling switches are made, operated from an insulating cord hanging from the switch. The cord rotates a cam through a ratchet. Thus when the cord is pulled the cam is turned through a fraction of a turn and when the cord is released the cam stays put. The switch has a fixed contact and a moving contact in the form of a leaf spring. In the off position the spring keeps the contacts open.

A pull on the cord turns the cam and brings a lobe of the cam to press against the spring and close the contacts. The next pull on the cord brings the lobe off the spring and allows the contacts to open. Since each pull on the cord rotates the cam only part of a turn, the cam has several lobes around its circumference. The switch itself is on the ceiling and the cord hangs down to normal switch height.

Accessories 5 Figure 1. Electric Ltd Figure 1. Electric Ltd In order that power equipment can be fully isolated it is often desirable to use a double pole switch. This expression means a switch which opens both the phase and neutral circuits. The mechanism is similar to that of an ordinary or single pole switch, but there Design of electrical services for buildings 6 are two contacts working side by side; the only difference being that both the phase and neutral are switched.

A double pole switch is shown in Figure 1. Double pole switches are also made with a neon indicator and for putting in recessed boxes. Double pole pullcord switches are used for local control of electric shower units in bathrooms and shower rooms. There are certain very common applications of switches such as water heaters and fans.

The usual rating of double pole switches are 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60A.

Socket outlets A socket outlet is a female socket connected to the power wiring in the building and will accept the male plug attached at the end of the flexible cord of an appliance such as a vacuum cleaner, electric fire or electronic equipment. The general arrangement of socket outlets is similar to that of switches.

There is a box to house the outlet, the outlet itself and finally a front plate. In the case of socket outlets the front plate is usually integral with the outlet. In Great Britain the majority of socket outlets intended for domestic or commercial use are BS sockets, and are designed to accept 13A plugs.

These plugs have three rectangular pins and the sockets have three corresponding rectangular slots to take the pins. Each plug also has a fuse inside it, so that each appliance has its own fuse at the feeding end of its flexible cable or cord.

This protects the cable or cord, and the fusing arrangements of the building wiring need protect only the permanent fixed wiring of the building.

However, there may be older installations still in existence and plugs and sockets for use with them are still being manufactured. The older fittings, all have round pins and sockets. They are rated at 2A, 5A and 15A. The 15A pattern is still used in the Republic of South Africa.

The spacing of the pins and sockets are different for the different ratings. This makes sure that a plug of one rating cannot be inserted, even wilfully, into a socket of a different rating. Plugs and sockets rated at 2 and 5A are available in both two and three-pin versions, but those of 15A-rating are made only with three pins.

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Source 2: bs full standard. The applicable standard is bs and emespfor uk network rail. To obtain a quote for a BS standard, please review the box on the right. Germany standard Japanese Standard American standard.

Design of Electrical Services for Buildings: 4th Edition

For use as a measuring, control and signal cable for the machine tool industry, plant construction, heating and air conditioning, and as a flexible cable between fixed and mobile equipment. BS - Electric cables. The free downloads include these. Or free to open the link. Part 2 Specification for Loads.

British Standards List.In installations which have the main wiring inside the ceiling, this wiring enters the rose through the back or top of the rose; when the main wiring runs exposed on the surface of the ceiling, it enters the rose through a cut-out in the side of the rose. However, there may be older installations still in existence and plugs and sockets for use with them are still being manufactured.

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They therefore require heavier switches than those used for lighting or in socket outlets. It is also recommended that an accessory requiring earthing, installed on a metallic conduit installation,m is provided with a lead between the earth terminal on the box and the accessory, if the box has adjustable tags such as on some knockout boxes. The appliance to be connected is turned on as soon as the plug is pushed into the socket, and is disconnected when the plug is pulled out. The output then is earth-free.