Planet of the Apes. First edition. Author. Pierre Boulle[1]. Original title La Planète des singes. Translator. Xan Fielding. Country. France. The original novel that inspired the films! First published more than fifty years ago , Pierre Boulle's chilling novel launched one of the greatest. Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle; 8 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Science fiction, Accessible book, Protected DAISY, Apes, Fiction, In library.

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La Planète des Singes by. Pierre Boulle. Translated into English by. Xan Fielding . And the Hungarian comic book adaptation. A Majmok Bolygója. Illustrated by. MONKEY PLANET (PLANET OF THE APES) BY PIERRE. BOULLE PDF. Are you truly a fan of this Monkey Planet (Planet Of The Apes) By Pierre Boulle If that's. Editorial Reviews. Review. If you've seen the progressively cheesier Planet of the Planet of the Apes: A Novel - site edition by Pierre Boulle.

Curious chimpanzee researcher Zira takes an interest in his geometric drawings and his ability to speak a few simian words.

He is granted freedom and is given tailored clothing. Antelle reverts to primitive humanity in the zoo and is moved to the laboratory for safety, where he is mated to a young female.

Things began to change. As apes learned to talk, a cerebral laziness took hold of the humans.

Apes gradually took over human homes, driving the humans into camps outside of the cities. In the final memory, apes attacked the last human camp, carrying only whips. Nova bears Ulysse a son, Sirius, who walks and talks at three months. Fearing for their lives, they take the place of the human test subjects in a space flight experiment.

The French spy who wrote The Planet of the Apes

Because all humans look alike to apes, they are able to escape without notice and they rendezvous with the orbiting ship. Ulysse programs the ship back to Earth. When they land, however, they are greeted by a field officer in a Jeep who is a gorilla.

It is subsequently revealed, via the frame story, that Jinn and Phyllis are actually civilized chimpanzees, and they discard Ulysse's story as sheer fantasy because the idea of humans as speaking and civilized members of society is an utterly unbelievable concept to them.

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Adaptations[ edit ] The novel inspired a media franchise comprising nine films, two television series one animated and several comic books.

A series reboot with a new production team called Rise of the Planet of the Apes was released in to critical and commercial success. You could not ignore that seeing this set is a purpose or also by unintentional.

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The Monkey Planet, or Planet of the Apes

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Published on: Hardcover Most helpful customer reviews. One of the stand-out reads of my life By wozmoz I was in my early teens and devouring everything I could read and I don't know why I chose this book, but it has been in the top-5 of my personal list for close to forty years. At the time, I had not read anything from a European author let alone a Frenchman, but this book revealed that a well structured and told story was not the sole purvue of English.

I was engaged from the first page and read through the day and night until I had finished.

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The ending was both exciting and unexpected at least, by a naive young boy. The details of the story have stayed with me so well that I was greatly disappointed by Holywood's later visual interpretation in "Planet of the Apes.

But for me, the original story will always be the more powerful because of the author's talent and skills, and because to this day the effect it had on me has not diminished. I strongly recommend this to any reader, but especially to afficionados of SciFi. I will be surprised if you too do not rank it at the top your list of favourites along with Bester's best works especially, "Tiger!

If you have children, please encourage them to experience for themselves a simple tale of 'humanity' well told.Her hair is long and black. They regard him warily. Landon and Dodge immediately remove their boots. ZIRA Good morning.

Can't you see that? I am an explorer in space. Monkey Planet Author s: Her eyes never leave Taylor as she tells the guard: