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Pratiyogita Darpan. December month. A mega project of Highways Development. Economics Article. Constitutional Legal Article. Environmental Article. Effect of Agricultural Practices on Environment. Career Article. Chartered Accountancy C. An Eminent Profession. Terminology Article. Important Concepts in News. Developmental Article. Sardar Sarovar Dam—Lifeline of Gujarat.

Climate Change Article. Green Climate Fund: Topics for the Monthly magazine for the month of December News and Events.

Nation this Month. World this Month. Regional News. National and International Updates. Career News. Current Affairs.

Sports World. Science and Technology. Memorable Points. Like the security panels, the investi- and harbours on both west and east coasts. But it will gation committee will have the powers of a civil court; it take some time to take concrete shape.

For one, the train- will have power to frame definite charges. For another, deliveries of the 80 FICs are likely mittee can dismiss the case. Otherwise, it will give a to begin only by at the earliest. If lance network will be up and running by under a the charges are serious, the committee can request the Rs. This will include 46 stations, with judge concerned to resign.

If the judge does not do so, the coastal radars, cameras, AIS automatic identification oversight committee will forward the case to the President systems and other sensors mounted atop old lighthouses with an advisory for his removal.

In such an event, copies of all relevant documents will be laid in Parliament and an impeachment motion Yudhoyono to be Chief Guest moved. In the Lok Sabha, not less than members will at R-Day Parade be required to move the motion, and in the Rajya Sabha not less than 50 members will be needed.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Official sources said that besides declaring their will be the chief guest at the next year's Republic Day assets, judges would be required to file an annual return parade in Delhi, according to official sources. All the details would be put up Both countries will seek to build on the joint declara- on the websites of the Supreme Court and High Courts.

Manmohan Singh and Mr. Yudhoyono association with any member of the Bar, especially those during the latter's visit to India in The two sides who practise in the same court. This UAV can be used by all the three armed services of the country. Members of Parliament. As per an offi- cial statement, After an unusually long wait and numerous Rustom 1 was flown attempts—at least 10, the centre has finally come up with from the Taneja an acceptable-to-all draft of the Lok Pal Bill.

In a major Aerospace and decision that has the backing of Prime Minister Aviation airfield at Manmohan Singh, the office of the Prime Minister has Hosur near Banga- been brought within the ombudsman's purview. Now lore. The aircraft that the draft is almost ready, it awaits being presented Rustom 1. While Lakshya—a drone that is remotely to do much, the major hurdle having been whether or not piloted by a ground control station—provides aerial sub- the Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues should be targets for live fire training, Nishant is a surveillance brought within the purview of the Lok Pal.

The statement said Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of that he controlled it without any difficulty throughout its the Rajya Sabha, sitting Judges of the Supreme Court and flight, which included the pilot-assisted take-off flight in High Courts, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, air and a copy book style landing.

It has an altitude ceiling Speaker of the Lok Sabha as the case may be. Its airframe is made by a private company sitting or retired judges of the Supreme Court, or sitting called Zephyr situated in Coimbatore and most of its or retired Chief Justices of High Courts.

An institution of this type of India. It is hoped that dations of a committee headed by the Vice-President and with the establishment of Lok Pal at the centre, we shall be comprising the Prime Minister, the Lok Sabha Speaker, able to put effective curb on corruption in public life.

Korea decide matters jointly. They would be appointed for a period of three years or until they attain the age of 70, A reciprocal Social Security Agreement SSA and whichever is earlier.

Korean capital on October 19, Overseas Indian hold any other office in the government.

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An official release making complaints to the Lok Pal has been brought down said that a number of Indians were working in S. Korea, from the earlier 10 years to five years from the date of the most of them professionals and self-employed persons.

There was huge potential for the employment of Indians in Korea owing to a large gap in market labour The Lok Pal would have six months from the receipt supply. An SSA with S.

Korea would enhance the of the complaint within which it would have to complete movement of professionals, and investment, between the investigations and submit a report. Korea in New Delhi in or mala fide complaints. December It is a good measure to curb corruption in high places. It is common know- The Union Government on October 20, ledge that corruption has penetrated into the highest approved amendments to a four-decade old law that echelons of public life and is eating into the vitals of our proposes to allow Indian legal heirs to inherit the nationhood.

It is to be decimated altogether if the nation properties of relatives who migrated to Pakistan after has to progress quick and fast. It is painful indeed to see partition. However, as per the amendment to the Enemy that quite a good percentage of public funds are diverted Property Act of only transactions that have been to unlawful channels, putting the government exchequer effected before July 2, this year will have legal sanction.

Manmohan Singh on October 20, approved inheritor of such property is able to retain ownership the proposal of the Ministry of Home Affairs to introduce even if the deceased had gone to Pakistan after partition, the Enemy Property Amendment and Validation Bill, but he will have to legally prove his or her inheritance.

To amend the Public , it shall stand transferred to and vest or continue to Premises Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants Act, vest in the custodian. The amendments will have retrospective effect. An attempt to get the amendments passed by Parliament during the Monsoon Session had failed due to India, Germany Ink Cultural Accord repeated pleas and lobbying of cross-party Muslim MPs, including several ministers, who pleaded to ensure that India and Germany on October 18, imparted legal heirs are allowed to hold the property of their fresh momentum to their joint efforts for expansion of the parents or grandparents who had migrated to Pakistan.

Parliament have been incorporated in the new Bill. Chidambaram said. Krishna held talks with his German The proposal for fresh amendments provide for counterparts Guido ensuring that the enemy property shall continue to vest Westerwelle that in the custodian till it is divested by the central govern- focussed on UN Foreign Minister S.

Krishna, left, ment and the enemy property could be divested only to reforms, enhanced with his German counterpart Guido the owner or his lawful heir. Street vendors will now enjoy the benefits of cashless-based health insurance scheme.

India and Germany have been Sciences, Bangalore, has been declared as an institute of national importance on the lines of the All India Institute of elected non-permanent members of the United Nations Medical Sciences. On October 25 in Tokyo, India and Japan decided to Seeds Bill, that includes raising penalties for offences extend their cooperation to areas such as joint ventures in like sale of spurious seeds.

Both sides would Manmohan Singh also finalise two- and his Japanese three other areas of counterpart Naoto economic coopera- Kan, resolved to tion from among continue talks on a infrastructure deve- civil nuclear agree- lopment, creative ment. They ins- industries, tourism, tructed the officials small and medium to ensure the smooth Moving Together: Security Council, to which both countries are aspirants as The Memoran- permanent members.

Singh and Mr. Naoto Kan also discussed China. Najib In their joint declaration on the conclusion of CEPA traditional systems applaud as Commerce and Industry negotiations, the two leaders committed to signing the of medicine makes Minister Anand Sharma left ex- agreement at the earliest at ministerial level, on com- India the second changes files with Malaysian Health pletion of necessary formalities. The Lumpur on October The pact will also help MoU will guide the existing rudimentary cooperation in movement of nurses and care givers, information tech- a more focussed manner and also streamline the existing nology professionals and promote tourism.

It also entails by people of the two measures related to employment visas in India, entry countries. India is where he arrived at Kuala Lumpur on October Subramaniam inbound tourism to and his wife at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The agreements were Wen Jiabao was requested to tive Committee to make specific recommendations to visit India and his visit was fixed for December both the governments for IT skills training, talent deve- itself. Manmohan panies in Malaysia. Malaysia to carry out research in green technology, water treatment and medicinal and aromatic plants. The most open the Chittagong significant was Dr.

Forging Ties: Sharma said pointing India-China ties and expressed satisfaction at the development of relations. Wen agreed with Dr. There was reflected the understanding reached between the Prime enough space for India and China to have cooperative Ministers of the two countries.

At failing to abide by Binding Treaty the meeting South Africa put forward a proposal that caused fissures in the group of four emerging economies, A new divide emerged between rich and developing which had trumped Europe in dictating terms at the nations with India and China opposing a move to link Copenhagen meet in and worked as a team. The developed world, led by the US and Europe, has Expressing frustration with the current state of been talking of imposing a tax on countries which fail to climate talks, South Africa proposed that all decisions abide by a binding climate treaty, in which India and taken at the Cancun China will have to take emission control measures.

This talks to be held in claim is also being backed by the World Trade Organiza- December this year tion. Ramesh expressed concern over reducing greenhouse gases—one for developed countries reports saying some of the measures were compatible that have targets under Kyoto Protocol, another for the US with WTO rules. The moves, if they find favour within the UN talks, The new WTO report, seeking 14 types of penalties could end up easing the pressure on the developed for imports from high carbon emitting countries, has countries to take on strong greenhouse gas emission come at a time when climate negotiations have almost targets under the Kyoto Protocol or even completely collapsed with US and China not seeing eye to eye.

US finish it off, instead of moving the global climate regime has been seeking a uniform treaty with binding targets for towards a single treaty where India and China are seen as China, India and Brazil, opposed by China, the second comparable to the developed countries. He reached the surface at on October 14, The men were resting in a hospital after being hoisted to the surface.

One The longest underground nightmare in history ended of the miners had pneumonia and was being treated. In a flawless operation that unfolded before a hopeful trans fixed Chile and its billionaire President Sebastian Pinera world, 33 miners who were trapped for more than two have both burnished their images with the flawlessly months beneath the Chilean earth were raised one by one executed rescue.

Pinera, 60, a credit card and airline in a mission that ended October 14, The last man out was the one who held the group The rescue took 69 days and about 8 hours.

Not even a full 24 hours after the rescue began, Urzua made the foot ascent in a Prescue confetti called Result Surprises World Phoenix and emerged from a manholesized opening in the ground to a joyous celebration of comfelt's, balloons Parliamentary elections were held in Kyrgyzstan on and Champagne.

October 10 and the result was out on October 11, The results produced no clear winner. The only some avid soccer fans— to watch them play in Europe. Get job offers, book more than 52 per cent. Hurdles galore still await this land- and film contracts.

You were an inspiration. Then, he been beset by ethnic and political violence. This parliamentary system was approved in a referendum in June and is a first for Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan has had two coups in the past five years. Askar Akayev, who was President for 15 years, was forced out in Earlier this year, his successor, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, was ousted after rioting in the streets.

In June, political and ethnic violence erupted between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in the south, killing people and forcing as many as , from their homes. The interim President, Roza Otunbayeva, has been a proponent of a parliamentary system that was presented as a way to give voice and legislative power to disparate groups.

It also was seen as a way to bring peace and common purpose to this land, where the mountains divide north and south into two almost separate countries. Merkel, who was trained as a physicist, told the paper. With the advent of the Cold War, Moscow erected a border between its eastern section, and the three western Allied sections, including the Wall that split Berlin in two. A group of Chinese Communist Party elders has issued a bold call to end the country's wide- ranging restrictions on free speech, just days after the government reacted angrily to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to imprisoned dissident Chinese leader Liu Xiaobo.

Germany Celebrates 20 Years of Unity In an open letter posted online, the retired officials state that although China's Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, the right is constrained by a host of laws and Germany's President Christian Wulff on October 3, regulations that should be scrapped. Germany celebrated 20 years and denying in actuality is a scandal in the history of since reunification after decades of Cold War Division.

Work on the letter began several days before the prize The Challenges was awarded, and drafters decided against including a reference to Liu out of concern that the government would Mr. Wulff also highlighted the challenges ahead of block its circulation.

The 23 signatories of this letter circulated For her part, Ms. Merkel who was brought up in East online on October 12, before it was blocked, spent years Germany, recalled her life growing up under communism on top posts inside the propaganda and media machinery that control the information that reaches Chinese citizens.

They and said she would have be a straight-forward scientist if include a former director of the Party mouthpiece People's the Berlin Wall had not fallen.

Daily, a former deputy director of news agency Xinhua, a Ms. Past peace plans have proposed leaving the Jewish neighbourhoods under the Israeli sovereignty. The Israeli government on October 15, ended an Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said unofficial freeze on new buildings in east Jerusalem, that if Israel continued to build settlements, Arab nations approving the construction of houses in Jewish might seek U. Jewish settlement Pisgat Zeev is seen behind Israel's controversial separation barrier on the outskirts US planned to sell the of Jerusalem recently.

The most significant components of the package Peace talks that began in early September are dead- include 84 F aircraft, 70 upgrades of existing Saudi locked over the Palestinian demand that Israel extend a Fs to a more advanced configuration, 70 AHD slowdown on settlement construction that expired in Apache Longbow helicopters, 72 UH Blackhawk heli- September itself. The Palestinians threatened to quit copters, 36 AH-6i light attack helicopters, and 12 MDF the negotiations unless Israel reinstated the building light training helicopters.

Curiously enough, the Israeli Prime Minister The proposed packages also include aircraft muni- Benjamin Netanyahu refused to oblige. Support and training services are sufficient, officials Both sides have indicated compromise is possible, said. Israel's construction announcement further argued that it would advance US national security, send a bedevilled the atmosphere.

Natanyahu's office refused to comment on It has also been asserted that the weapons sale would October 15, improve US Saudi interoperability and as a result the US The Israeli settlement slowdown imposed last Department of Defence would be able to free up US forces November in the West Bank did not officially include east in the region and maximize the effectiveness of the U.

S Jerusalem, which Israel claims as part of its capital. But global force posture. Although it has been denied yet before October 15, Israel had quietly halted building there confrontation with Iran is a fact in U. There was no immediate public comment from U. UK Announces Severe Military Cutbacks Around 1,80, Israelis live in neighbourhoods Israel has built in east Jerusalem since capturing the area In a bid to streamline its armed forces and help from Jordan in The eastern sector of the city is home reduce its daunting levels of national debt Britain on.

Around hostages died. He said that Britain intended to remain a August 17 dam disaster in Siberia that killed 75 and for significant military power, with a military budget that bombing an express train between Moscow and St Petersburg in November that killed 26 people. He said until one of two new aircraft carriers is equipped with a that all the deputies and other people inside the building new generation of Joint Strike Fighters in Earlier, Russia's federal Investigative The government would go ahead with plans to build Committee said four attackers had been killed.

But after three years in service, one of At least 17 people were injured in the attack, one of them will be either moth balled or sold off. The decision the most brazen in Grozny for years. Chechen Parliament Attacked by Rebels The Kremlin had declared victory in its battle with Chechen separatists following two wars in Chechnya to Terrorist activity in Chechnya climaxed on October crush separatists since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Special Force sides at the outbreak of Moscow's second war in until government officers survey the scene after a bomb Chechnya. The bet on Kadyrov, who promised to place blast in front of the Chechen Parlia- forces stormed the everything under control, proved wrong, said Yevgeny ment in Grozny on Oct. Militants building. The insurgents were Chechen leader. The dare devil attack on Chechen Parliament reminds The remaining two attackers holed themselves up on us of the similar type of attack on Indian Parliament in the ground floor and then blew themselves up when India's security forces killed all the attackers but lost forces loyal to Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov stormed more than half a dozen of their own men, making history the building.

The tentacles of. The enacted Nuclear Liability law by Parliament. Vested interests International Atomic of certain countries are really the great stumbling block.

Energy Agency offi- How much hell are we the citizens of the world destined cials said. The international convention provides Iran's Diplomatic Ruse to Scuttle for compensation in Western Influence in Iraq case of transnational Indian Ambassador to Austria and implications of a According to journalistic sources, particularly the Resident Representative to the IAEA nuclear accident and Dinkar Khullar signs the Convention Guardian, Iran is adopting diplomatic ruse to scuttle has been signed by 14 on Supplementary Compensation for western influence in Iraq.

As per the Guardian sources, countries, including Nuclear Damage at the International Iran has brokered a critical deal with its regional India. Iran was instrumental in forming an alliance between ratified the convention so far. Iraq's Nouri-al Maliki, who is vying for a second term as Upon entry into force, the Convention on Supple- Prime Minister, and the country's powerful radical Shia mentary Compensation for Nuclear Damage would cleric leader, Maqtada al-Sadr.

It also positions Iran as a potent buffer to US occurring within a state's exclusive economic zone, Interests at a time when America is looking to change its including loss of tourism or fisheries-related income. October The first one is on human resources and skills development for economic recoveryand sus- tainable growth, aiming to create new impetus for the regional growth. The second one is on welfare and deve- Bay Watch: It is expected warship, arrived at Karwar from Mumbai on October The to contribute to the improvement of the social safety net warship has two sophisticated equipments to control oil in ASEAN.

The ship was commissioned on October 9. Manoj Badkar, to intensify national efforts to enhance cooperation to deputy inspector general and commanding officer, is in charge. The leaders of ASEAN India's concerns that and six dialogue partners gathered to discuss strategic issues of Islamabad has been relevance to the region.

The six dialogue partners China, Japan, diverting a portion South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand held talks and of such assistance exchanged views on regional and international issues in the against it. Speaking at than Islamabad. Clinton goal of forging a wider Asian community as achieving integra- made the remarks at tion on economic, political, security, social and cultural issues. Protectionism was not the answer to trade Mahmood Qureshi.

Pratiyogita Darpan August 2013

The party Pal Vidyawaridhi, R. Langyan and Sri Krishan Sharma. The awards for claimed 21 of the 24 district panchayats. This award will be given from next year. This was The Congress only won the Gandhinagar and Tapi announced during the Sanskrit Sahityakar Samman district panchayats, while in the Broach district panchayat Samaroh organised on the occasion of Maharishi Valmiki six independents held the key as the BJP won 14 and the birth anniversary at the Haryana Raj Bhawan in Chandi- Congress 11 seats in the member House.

In the elections to the of the taluk panchayats The award would carry Rs. Also, the Congress had 81 taluk panchayats under its control the prize money of the Guru Virjanand Acharya Puraskar, before. No party was able to secure a clear majority in hiked to Rs.

With their induction, the total strength of Cabinet level awards to honour those women who have excelled has gone upto The total representation of Jharkhand in various fields. The elections were held in October The LDF out investigations in 21 blocs and minings lease in 10 secured 25 as against 71 block panchayasts won by blocs by the Rajasthan Government.

The state has earned the UDF. None of the fronts secured absolute majority in an income of Rs. Either the independents or the BJP members In a bid to protect environment the Centre has taken will prove to be a decisive factor in the 53 gram- an important step by constituting a National Green panchayats. Tribunal on October 19, The Tribunal will be headquartered in Delhi and it will have four benches. The tribunal can punish those who cause damage to It may be noted here that during the previous round environment or violate environmental laws.

A shift to the UDF. It can take a Suo Moto action on matters pertaining to environment. They flights a week to four destinations in the other's territory. Indian worth Rs. Baghdad, Basrah, Al Najaf and one more point to be Besides these four industrial parks, three hotels and a specified later.

A ministerial panel on roads has approved a proposal The projects are expected to generate direct and for an agreement between India and Malaysia on high- indirect employment for 25, people.

Earlier, certain clauses in the proposal held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Prakash are believed to have raised eyebrows in the Cabinet and it Singh Badal, are: It may be added here that Cairn Energy has for their protection. No man alive could bear it; it would be hell on earth. During his tenure in the NPA, Mr. President Pratibha Patil has cleared the name of eminent space scientist K.

Kasturiranjan as her nominee to chair the search committee for selection of the Vice-Chancellor for the University. The term of the incumbent B. Bhattacharya got over in June this year. He has almost two months. Ali Sharmaske who resigned in September after a long Mr. Jha has also been given additional charge of running power struggle with the President. Official Mr. He is the only New Delhi on October 6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A mechanical Mr. Vijay Kumar is the first officer from the Tamil engineer, who later became interested in materials science Nadu cadre chosen to head the CRPF.

Earlier, he was part and biology, Suresh has done pioneering work studying of the Special Protection Group team that provided the biomechanics of blood cells under the influence of security to the former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. They die by the hands of other men. On being announ- CIC N. Napalchyal, 60,who retired voluntarily as Uttara- to be a small man. I am a big khand chief secretary, replaces RS Tolia who retired a man.

Radhakrishnan, eminent radio astronomer and Trustee of the Raman Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping has been promoted Research Institute, Bangalore, is one of the few Indians to Vice-Chairman of a key Communist Party military who have been criss-crossing the oceans in a yacht, that committee, state media reported on too designed by him. The son of Sir C. Raman, he is on October Professor V. Radhakrishnan at the is taking along two Kochi marina on October 4.

He has been Priti Kumar working on the yacht for the past six years and in between Priti Kumar 34 is the first motorwoman of western has sailed to Sri Lanka, Oman and Yemen. Professor railway. October 13 was a historic day for the Western Radhakrishnan was in Kochi when the Kochi Marina—the Railway WR when the first suburban train driven by a first of its kind in India, was commissioned.

While in motorwoman chugged out of Churchgate station in Kochi, he participated in the Vasco Da Gama yacht rally. Mumbai amidst a great reception from commuters who Marisol Valles Garcia gathered at the station to witness the memorable moment.

The year old Marisol Valles Garcia has become the As Priti Kumar Police Chief in Mexico in the borderland where drug drove the Church- gangs have killed public officials and terrified many gate—Borivli train citizens into fleeing. Garcia was on a shooting ram- sworn in on October page while the com- 20, to bring muters cheered as law and order to a they went on a his- township of about toric train ride.

The tiny not being less than men. He is known as the father of fractual geometry. The fractual geometry he developed would be used Ms. Sutherland dazzled to measure natural phenomena like clouds or coastlines European audiences with her that were once believed to be unmeasurable. He in fact had effectively ced her death at her Swiss home revolutionised his field.

In the USA and around the world his work attracted the attention of Ms. Sutherland had risen academics. He was Soul singer Solomon Burke, who wrote Everybody Mr. Leghari began his political Amsterdam's Schirphol airport. He was Born on May 2, , Mr. Pakistan before going to Oxford Soundara Kailasam University for post-graduation. Chidambaram passed away on October 16, at her residence in Chennai.

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She was Eapen, a pioneer in journalism and commu- education, she won laurel for herself in nication education in the country passed away in several fields. She was a member of the Bangalore on October 23, She also served as a having set up three university depart- Member of the State Backward classes ments of journalism and communica- Commission. She published poetry collections, Kailasam Professor Eapen was the first con- essays and short stories.

She was awarded the Asan Prize for Poetry in for the poetry K. Her book Dr. Looking Inward for an Islamic text. He also served Department of Mathematics. December 10, Sachin is by very young mathematicians in areas influenced by Cricketer of the Year Indian mathematician Srinivasan Ramanujan. Virender Sehwag prize for The List of the awardees: The citation Choice Award: Shelley Nitschke Australia ; Test Player of the committed herself to ending harmful myths and practices Year: Villiers South Africa ; Spirit of Cricket: New Zealand; Umpire of the Year: Aleem Dar Pakistan ; Emerging J.

Rowling Bags Danish Award Player: Rowling has recently won Player: She is the International Performance of the Year: It may be Australia at Christchurch of February 28, Winner of the Man difficult regions of Ladakh get water supply in April and Booker Prize for Fiction May—the most crucial period of sowing.

Vaidya has been active Prize for Fiction. The Finkler in many movements in Gujarat and Rajasthan for Question is the semi-autobio- betterment of the poor and the marginalised. Jacobson who The award for development and welfare of women was born in Manchester currently and children was given to Shakuntala Choudhary, a lives in London. He won this nonagenarian from Assam. Miss Botswana Emma Wareus was named the first sharply intelligent comic prose in the English language.

The Asian Awards , presented by Lord Sebastian Coe, saw leaders in business, sports and the arts in attendance, including award winners Yash Chopra, A. Indian beauty Manasvi Oscar-award winning music director Rahman won the award for outstanding achievement in music, while Mamgai even failed to find a place in the top Ratan Tata industry.

Muhammad the construction sector for their project for General Motors Yunus Social Entrepreneur of the year, collected by India in Talegaon, Maharashtra.

In the manufac- President Pratibha Patil on October 28, presen- turing sector, the second prize was distributed among five ted the Jamnalal Bajaj Awards for for outstanding companies including the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station contributions in social development. There was no winner of the first Chewang Norphel, a year-old civil engineer from prize in this sector.

Pratiyogita Darpan Hindi & English December Magazine Online

Ladakh, was presented the award for application of Out of the applicant companies assessed in all science and technology for rural development. He has been given this award for his pioneering work in in-vitro-fertilization IVF. They have been bestowed with the award for their groundbreaking work on experiments with graphene—a new form of carbon.

Professor Geim is Dutch citizen. Thus graphene has immense possibilities. As a material graphene is completely new and Professor Konstantin Novoselov left and Professor Andrei Geim, winners of almost completely transparent yet so dense that not even helium the smallest gas atom the Nobel Physics Prize can pass through it.

They have been awarded the Nobel Prize for inventing new ways to bind carbon atom with uses that range from fighting cancer to producing thin computer screens. Negishi and Richard F. Mario Vargas Llosa Mr. Peace Chinese political activist Liu Xiaobo aged 54 who is in the jail has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Liu has been given the award for his calls for political reform, for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights Liu Xiaobo.

They have been awarded for their work on why supply and demand do not always meet in the labour market and elsewhere. The jury lauded the trio for their analysis of markets with search frictions which helps explain how unemployment, job vacancies, and wages are affected by regulation and Christopher Pissarides, Peter Diamond and Dale economic policy.

It is important to mention that as per traditional theory labour Mortensen: The Nobel Prize Winners of Econo- market should work on their own, with job seekers finding available job and mics for thereby creating balance. But the Diamond—Mortensen—Pissarides or DMP model—developed by the three show that markets do not always work in this way. Says Apex Court Accidental or unintentional disobedience of court orders does not amount to contempt, unless there is a wilful attempt to obstruct the course of justice, the While the report, released on October 11, , shows Supreme Court has ruled.

It is an irony The court gave the verdict while quashing the indeed that the policy contempt proceedings initiated against Dinesh Kumar makers in India who Gupta, Deputy Registrar Judicial , Rajasthan High Court.

Bansal was sought to be scuttled by the registry. The condition has remained later. It is composed of three equally weighted contempt of Court Act that the disobedience to the indicators: India is ranked below all other major South Asian Nepal 56th. It adds spice to my conversation.

Shatrughan Sinha

In India, hijackers as well as to the conspirators and abettors also high GHI scores are driven by high levels of who commit any of the acts referred to in the prevailing underweight children, resulting from the low nutritional law. It was revealed by a top defence scientist on Hamid Ansari and Lok October 10, No More Kandahars K. Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister. It endorsed the proposed tion DRDO. October 11, The station will function under the administrative The ten member expedition comprising two women and operational control of Commander Coast Guard officers, five male officers and three jawans from arms and Region North-West through the Commander Coast services travelled across Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and Guard District Headquarters-1 Gujarat at Porbandar.

The streng- It visited war memorials to pay homage to martyrs of thening of the coastal security set-up coincides with the World War II. Among the internationally acclaimed loss of animal and plant species and the habitats they live writers those that graced the event included Ruskin Bond, in, the United Nations warned on October 18, at the who lives in Mussorie and Stephen Alter, the main start of a major summit on biodiversity in Tokyo.

The casualties spotlight on a global environmental issue that has drawn may be higher than less attention in recent years than the related problem of these figures. The climate change, blamed on a rise in greenhouse gas Interior Minister said emissions.

He also instructed average speed of km per hour. Nagoya The home-built CRH Nagoya—the central city of Japan recently came into bullet train has been recor- news when the members of the United Nations ded travelling at km per Convention on Biological Diversity CBD meeting took hour, a world record. It will, place in October to work out strategies to prevent the however, travel between the mass extinction of species of plants and animals.

The government terminal of the Shanghai- papers which reveal his years of heartache at missing plans to expand the network Hangzhou high-speed railway his family while in prison and his wariness at to over 16, km by Now 92, the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his struggle against the white minority apartheid government of South Africa says he does not want to be remembered a larger-than-life saint.

New Oxford Centre for Study of Archaeo- 2. It is claimed to be the only centre of its Britain could learn lessons from the way people live kind in Europe.

War on Terrorism or American Strategy for Global The new centre will look at how the cultural Dominance —By Manzoor Alam influences, both within the region and in the wider world 5. The research will not only Strategies: Stern anthropology, art history, linguistics, molecular genetics, 6. Globalization and Sustainable Good Governance the earth sciences and geography. Palaeolithic Archaeology of Asia. Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Senator and American ambassador to India. The City is believed to be built by the Original Aryan race about 4, years ago.

December 10 Human Rights Day P. The first lady of Committee on Economic Affairs to Rs. Barley has been women in the world. These hikes in MSPs are ginal hike of 20 a quintal.

The support prices of pulses It is important to note that the 6th Indra 89th 92nd such as masoor and gram dals have MSP is the price that the government Nooyi Shikha Chanda been raised sharply by and pays to farmers while procuring their PepsiCo Sharma Kochhar produce. The power women candidates into MSPs of the masoor dal and gram tains buffer stocks and stragetic reserve for the country. It ranked the quintal and per quintal res- women in each group, and then pectively for the year India, the world's largest producer of pulses,.

Out which unemployment, job vacancies years and total exploration period of the 39 women listed in the business and wages are affected by regulation will be seven years in respect of category, Sharma's rank is 33 and and economic policy. Chanda Kochhar's is Good for the Gulf. The GHI incorporates Chanda Kochhar has been named Petroleum and Natural Gas three interlinked hunger-related indi- as the first woman to run a large Ministry on October 15, has cators—the proportion of undern- Indian bank who expanded her role launched the ninth round of bidding ourished in the population, the preva- as chief with her recent acquisition of under the New Exploration and lence of underweight in children, and Bank of Rajasthan, a private sector Licensing Policy NELP.

The bank with branches and have been put up for the auction GHI aims to raise awareness of employees. As per the dec- billion. Report finds blocks under various rounds of Nobel laureates, Peter A.

As per the has analysed the foundations of Saharan Africa and South Asia have declaration of the Ministry, the search markets. The models the introduction of NELP regime and Ranking of India and developed by these Nobel laureates the discoveries made under NELP Neighbouring Nations in help in understanding the ways in have resulted in in-place hydrocarbon Global Hunger Index Nobel Laureates Economics reserve accretion of a staggering Nation Ranking million tonne of oil and oil equivalent gas.

Diamond, Dale India 67 after being relinquished by them. Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides Bangladesh 68 Initial exploration period will be four. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. Estimates Pakistan 52nd and Nepal 56th. Million bales each of kg 2. Million bales each of kg reserved for retail investors in public issues. Ministry of Agriculture on Sep- tember 24, released the first advance estimates of Kharif crops for the year Rice has been estimated at assessment.

Lesotho, in sub-Saharan protect the interest of the exporters. Federa- million tonne respectively last year. Last Both the rankings are better results in first advance esti- mates for The report examines both support in stocks and other in flows some developing countries, but lack- men and women's access to resources the Indian rupee has attained the lustre economic activity in developed and opportunities rather than the highest level against US dollar since economies and below potential levels of resources and opportunities September Indian rupee was growth elsewhere in the developing available in a country.

Indian rupee has become for which is the first actual Nation Rank stronger against dollar by 5 per cent contraction since the second world this year which is the biggest annual war. Norway 2 that too, if continued supportive Foreign Institutional Investors policy is adopted across the world.

Finland 3 FIIs have invested a large funds in According to this scenario, the level Sweden 4 stocks since such investments were of world economic activity will be 7 New Zealand 5 permitted in BRIC Nations which gave healthy support to Indian The report also highlights a Brazil 85 rupee even Sensex in India could number of risks and uncertainties to Russia 45 attain its highest level in 33 months the outlook, including a premature India due to FIIs investment support.

At- exit from the stimulus measures and tracting with better and faster growth a hard landing of the dollar due to China 61 in Indian economy as com-pared with the renewed widening of the global South Asia Nations slow growth in Western economies, imbalances. In terms of policy Pakistan overseas investment inflows also measures, the report recommends Sri Lanka 16 supported Indian economy.

Besides, continued fiscal stimulus measures in a weaker dollar has also strengthened the short run, a continued focus on Bangladesh 82 Indian currency. Reserve Bank of India may governance and more decisive re- ranking nations in global gender gap intervene to weaken the rupee and forms of the global financial system. Union Government had fixed past year are some of the countries the price band at per share. The Corruption Perceptions most affected by a financial crisis On October 25, , government Index shows that nearly three precipitated by transparency and declared Coal India Ltd.

Among those im- at per share, the upper ceiling of index score below five, on a scale proving in the past year, the general the early offered range. These results indicate a serious the fact that all nations need to bolster at a face value of 10 each in the corruption problem.

For meeting the their good governance mechanisms. The issue got closed on October challenges of the corruption, govern- Corruption Perception Index 21, Coal India's IPO was floated ments need to integrate anti-corrup- gives a clear message—transparency in the public after government's tion measures in all spheres, from and accountability are critical in decision to sell 10 per cent of its their responses to the financial crisis restoring trust and turning back the current per cent stake in the and climate change to commitments tide of corruption.

Without them, company. Retail investors and coal by the international community to global policy solutions to many India employees have been decided eradicate poverty. Transparency global crises are at risk.

With annual pro- initiative that provides a framework duction exceeding million tonne, for putting an end to corruption. At the India's corporate history was opened unprecedented over crore.

Retail category subscribers will get at least shares on full quota of application. Coal India's allotment of shares will be higher than that of the Reliance Power issue in When investors got only 17 shares against their full application of shares. On the basis of grey market Premium of Coal India, the shares are likely to be listed on November 4, at against the upper end of the price band of per share.

Deposit mobilisa- with robust demand from China, than many other countries. CLIs the fortnight September 24, For China also, crore at the end of previous fortnight for India's growth stronger.

September 10, It is cent growth in August Due to a. According to the data released by Reserve Bank of India for the first In August , industrial Report forcecasts global trade to half of i. September The central bank has projected a economies. At 72 per cent growth in July, current financial year. RBI the previous month. This Paradip refinery unit has a refining capacity of 15 million tonne per year. The estimated cost of the project is around billion.

The first stage of the plant will be commissioned in January The refinery will have a com- plexity factor of 13, allowing it to process and refine very low quality of crude or crude with high sulphur content. A proposal of building a petrochemical plant near Paradip refinery is also under consideration of Indian Oil Corporation and the decision will be taken within the next All the three categories of IIP— lakh to improve project and three-four months.

Growth in mining the state. The FDI in the first two company. Vodafone terms the Cummulatively, in the first five erosion. April to August , Court. In August. Adani's Rural Development. This disin- The total passenger revenue investment in Australia is the vestment makes RBI's holding earnings during the first six largest very by any Indian down in National Bank for months of the financial year company in that country.

The not be changed. It is for inviting capital investment from stake transfer. At present RBI has the first time when this type of mannual private sector and procuring three members on the board of more land for them.

The newly the bank.

Bank of India has announced to Besides, heritage hotels have issue new coins of 5 and 2 to been granted exemption from tax commemorate the Common- for a period of 10 years provided wealth Games held in New Delhi they promote minimum one in October RBI also rism at various reservoirs of is officially released. While releasing announced that the existing 5 this mannual, the Finance Minister power projects like Indira and 2 coins will also continue Mr.

Pranab Mukherjee extended the Sagar, Omkareshwar and in circulation. Indore exempted from taxes of Indian Railways show a rise of Indian Constitution though mentions for 5 years period.

The new Budget Mannual, on the other hand, gives from taxes in certain condi- earnings in the same period of detailed budget making process. It is a sensitive share April-August nearly two years.

This supportive price index to reflect movements in growth in exports made trade share prices. On the other has initiated a plan to convert the These debit cards will be issued hand, imports clocked 30 per numbers of trains into 5-digit.

Indian Railways, one additional Post Department for issuing Taking the note of this encourag- digit will be pre-fixed in the debit cards. Shatabdi, cards. After their top-up with billion for the year despite Rajdhani, Duranto, Sampark desired amount, these cards may the recent appreciation of the Kranti, Jan Shatabdi, Garib Rath be used in various commercial Indian rupee.

Passenger trains made with these cards. Aruna Roy is a social and political activist. India among the Commonwealth Nations is on the top in underweight children with seven million under five severely malnourished. Heck have been selected for the Nobel Prize for Physics for their work on palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis. The novel was judged the best of the six books on the shortlist.

The tunnel is designed to slash journey times between Zurich and Milan by over an hour. Forms —November 11, Age Limit—19 to 23 years.

Pratiyogita Darpan December 2014 In English Pdf Free Download

Educational Qualifications—A Educational Qualifications—As graduate degree in any discipline per the requirement of the post. Forms in accordance with the pres- Last Date Receipt of Applica- cribed format and complete in all tion Forms —November 15, Total Vacancies— Recruitment in Indian respects. Last Date Receipt of Application view. National Defence Objective and Descriptive papers. Officers in Grade B Forms —November 15, Force and 35 for Indian Naval internet on our Bank's website www.

Age Limit—15 to 17 years. Mathematics and Physics with a. Written Objective test dates will be tested in English, for more details. Question papers October , for more details. October , Forms —November 15, Oriental Bank of , for more details.

Graduation degree from a recognized University. How to Apply—Candidates are Age Limit—18 to 28 years. Bank's website www. Recruitment in the Indian Ability Description Test will consist How to Apply—The candidates Navy for Permanent of four questions out of which the can apply online through the website candidates are required to attempt 3 Commissioned Officers www.

Stage I will include Intelli- tion Forms —November 15, The second Forms —November 30, Descriptive Paper on Matriculation or 10th class pass. See Employment News October English will be of qualifying nature.

Age Limit—18 to 23 years. Main Exam will have a Descrip- details. Postal Circle Nov. AE and MN Jan. General Selecion Pre. Recruitment Exam. I , Feb. April 9. How each to introduce change in the pattern of for the public services and were not one of them interpreted the different the Preliminary Examination. Each one changes are being introduced at this Search for more intelligent tool to of them was convinced about their stage in the Civil Services Main assess suitable people for recruitment own explanations.

Earlier there existed a division mission UPSC to develop the cur- In these moments of uncertainty, among aspirants for Civil Services ricula for these proposed new courses. Manmohan announcement and each one of them examinations as the pattern itself Singh and the vision of UPA govern- came out with their interpretation created the divide. The serious candi- ment along with UPSC deserves a about CSAT to gain the first mover dates who had talent and potential special mention and compliments for advantage among candidates.

Rules are framed. The procedures of released by Union Public Service These reports have highlighted framing of Recruitment Rules which Commission UPSC on October 18, the issues relating to changes in were archaic are thoroughly revam- Preliminary Examination: The Exam Com- prises a World of Diversity After 3 decades of pattern which involved 2 papers of General Studies and an optional paper, Preliminary Examination is now going to don a new look from Civil Services Examination In this radical change the incoming system will provide a level-playing field and equity, since all candidates will have to attempt common papers.

Paper I is almost similar to existing General Studies paper. As per the new pattern, the Preliminary Examination shall now comprise two compulsory Papers of marks each and of two hours duration each.

The questions will be of multiple choices and objective type. Paper I marks Duration: Paper II marks Duration: Class X level , Data interpre- tation charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. Last item in the Syllabus of Paper-II will be tested through passages from English Language only without provid- ing Hindi translation thereof in the question paper.

No more than this has been told by UPSC Prospective Candidates need good information and clarity in order to understand and articulate deve- lopment needs related to the examination. The frame- work of the syllabus as released by UPSC outlines the areas which you need to prepare and are broad in nature. Adopt a Fresh Approach making skills of the aspirants. The The Aptitude Tests are designed Although the syllabus looks outgoing pattern was really effective in such a way that they attempt to simple yet you need to read between but it had a very little stress on testing measure whether the candidate has the lines as this is no small exami- managerial skills in the examination.

It will require a shift from The government has remodelled capabilities required for the job. The new pattern is does not have much impact. It is to be and would require a move in the bound to attract highly talented and noted by those candidates who come strategy for Preliminary Examination brilliant students with specialised from rural or semi-urban areas and for effective preparation.

For them this explanation should act as General Studies along with Preli- Learn new skills and way of minary Examination to understand breather to some extent. Why date information is going to assume a Now, the rule of the game is to go back, even a glance at Civil greater value. This should play the vital has moved from mugging to clear Technology By: Coaching Institutes:Gradually, it has been realised by the global Goal 6: Only when I Rahul—No.

It endorsed the proposed tion DRDO. I growing up I saw many things hood my father always wanted me to asked help from innumerable seniors around me which agitated me. The major highlights of the 45 points Declaration are given below: