PDF | Mobile Communication has been developed rapidly since last few decades . The growth of the wireless broadband technologies in the modern years was. PDF | User requirements are growing faster than ever and the limitations of the current mobile 4G mobile technology is the next step in this direction. 4G is the . S.D.M COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY. DHARWAD- Certified that the seminar work entitled “4G WIRELESS SYSTEM” is a bonafide work.

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4G Mobile Technologies, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, WiMAX, capability, 4G wireless technology will benefit every . /NewMediaAgeAprililpdf>. 4g technology seminar report pdf - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF The second generation of wireless mobile communication systems was a huge. generation of wireless mobile communication systems and the emergence of new mobile broadband technologies on the market have brought researchers and.

OFDM also provides a frequency diversity gain, improving the physical layer performance, It is also compatible with other enhancement technologies, such as smart antennas and MIMO. OFDM modulation can also be employed as a multiple access technology. In this case, each OFDM symbol can transmit information to several users using a different set of subcarriers.

This not provides additional flexibility for resource allocation, but also enables cross layer optimization of radio link usage. Cellular systems such as 4G allow seamless mobility, thus a file transfer is not interrupted in case a terminal moves from one cell to another.

Hence 4G is described as MAGIC: mobile multimedia, anytime anywhere, global mobility support, integrated wireless solution, and customized personal service. Some key features of 4G mobile networks are : a. High usability : anytime, anywhere, and with any technology. Support for multimedia services at low transmission cost. Integrated services.

Projected 4G systems offer this promise of a standard that can be embraced worldwide through its key concept of integration. Future wireless networks will need to support diverse IP multimedia applications to allow sharing of resources among multiple users.

Main articles: Network layer , Internet protocol , and IPv6 Unlike 3G, which is based on two parallel infrastructures consisting of circuit switched and packet switched network nodes, 4G is based on packet switching only. This requires low-latency data transmission.

As IPv4 addresses are nearly exhausted , [Note 1] [30] IPv6 is essential to support the large number of wireless-enabled devices that communicate using IP. By increasing the number of IP addresses available, IPv6 removes the need for network address translation NAT , a method of sharing a limited number of addresses among a larger group of devices, which has a number of problems and limitations.

Recently, multiple antenna technologies are emerging to achieve the goal of 4G systems such as high rate, high reliability, and long range communications. In the early s, to cater for the growing data rate needs of data communication, many transmission schemes were proposed.

One technology, spatial multiplexing , gained importance for its bandwidth conservation and power efficiency.

Spatial multiplexing involves deploying multiple antennas at the transmitter and at the receiver. Independent streams can then be transmitted simultaneously from all the antennas. This technology, called MIMO as a branch of intelligent antenna , multiplies the base data rate by the smaller of the number of transmit antennas or the number of receive antennas.

4g Technology Abstract

Apart from this, the reliability in transmitting high speed data in the fading channel can be improved by using more antennas at the transmitter or at the receiver. This is called transmit or receive diversity. Dynamic reconfigurable, adaptive and providers. Similarly, billing customers with simple but information is not an easy task. Data Encription.

4g technology seminar report pdf

If a GPS receiver has to communicate with the central transmitter then the communication link between these two components is not hard to break and there is a need of using encrypted data. Lightweight security mechanisms should be developed. Migration to 4G networks ensures convergence of networks, technologies, applications and services.

Wireless carriers have an opportunity to shorten Investment return, improve operating efficiency and increase revenues.

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Terminal Heterogeneity and Network Heterogeneity 4G must not only provide higher data rates but also a clear and tangible advantage in peoples everyday life. Data Encription If a GPS receiver has to communicate with the central transmitter then the communication link between these two components is not hard to break and there is a need of using encrypted data.

Conclusion Migration to 4G networks ensures convergence of networks, technologies, applications and services. Future Scope 1: References 1: Documents Similar To 4g technology seminar report pdf.

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Ogbodo Emeka A. Bitaran Jang Maden. Suni Suneetha. Akhil Madhu.

Anonymous i8jqGxiN9. Ahmed Abo Alhasan. Naveen Gowri.Users can get traveling information in the most user-friendly way: text, audio, or video format. In 4G systems, the circuit-switched infrastructure is abandoned and only a packet-switched network is provided, while 2.

They are based on two parallel backbone infrastructures, one consisting of circuit switched nodes, and one of packet oriented nodes.

This problem can be solved by using software radio approach i. The systems in this standard are essentially a linear enhancement of 2G systems. This can be handled by making the selection according to the best possible fit of user QoS requirements and available network resources Heterogeneity of wireless networks complicates the security issue.

This requires low-latency data transmission. College Email id : bhuvana.